200th anniversary of Camellias

9th to 12th July 2023

2023 is the 200th anniversary of the first recorded plantings of a collection of camellias in the Southern Hemisphere (by Vice-Regal patronage in 1823).

Camellias Australia, Camellia Ark Australia, Parkers Camellias Glenorie, the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (RBGS) and Domain Trust are organising a series of events to mark this.



Sunday afternoon 9 July 2023, 1:30pm onwards at Parker’s Camellias, 34 Harrison Lane, Glenorie, NSW, a showcase of rare camellias, and new hedging camellias, Camellia Ark Australia is focusing on promoting camellia sprays and hybrids which have enormous landscaping potential and have been overlooked by the horticultural and landscaping industries in Australia. Enquiries to Bill Parker, Camellias-R-Us, on 02 96522879

Wednesday afternoon 12 July 2023, 2 to 4.30pm, at the Maiden Theatre, Royal Botanic Gardens, Mrs Macquarie’s Road, Sydney, 2000 a Seminar, hosted by RBGS & Domain Trust and Camellia Ark Australia, marking the history and achievements of Australian camellias. During the morning, there would be an opportunity for guided tours of the living collection. This would mark the first recorded planting of a collection of camellias at these gardens in 1823 by first superintendent Charles Fraser with Vice Regal patronage, formally introducing camellias to Australia 200 years ago. Cost $30 per head (this and booking arrangements to be confirmed), for information contact Stephen Utick Visiting Curator Theaceae RBGS and Domain Trust ph. 0421 972 287, email sutick@grapevine.com.au.

Event Details

Start date: July 09, 2023

End date: July 12, 2023

Start time: 09:00 a.m. AEST

End time: 05:00 p.m. AEST

Venue: Parkers Camellias Glenorie, the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (RBGS)

Directions: Parkers Camellias Glenorie, the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (RBGS)