We Celebrate Our AIH Heroes!

Like all well-established organisations, guilds and Institutes, AIH has its own ‘Horticulture Heroes’ who have earned their coveted position in the AIH Hall of Fame.

These are professionals who have been involved in Institute management, development and operations and have made significant contributions to the profession.

AIH Fellows

Many have been conferred as 'Fellows' of the Institute, the most accomplished horticulturists and committed of our members. Fellows remain current during their continued or retired involvement with the Institute and are the mentors to the Institute. Fellow places are limited and are considered well earned when conferred by the AIH National Council.

Fellows of the Institute 2014

Don Burke OAM, FAIH, RH

Harry Crane FAIH, Life Member

Annette Irish FAIH, CPH (Principal), RH

Arno King FAIH, RH

Paul Plant FAIH, RH

Chris Oliver FAIH

Alan Chenoweth FAIH

Jonathan Garner FAIH, RH

Andrew Price FAIH, RH

Elizabeth Smith FAIH, RH

John Mason FAIH

Vicki Still FAIH, RH

Rick Bryson FAIH

Kim Morris FAIH, RH

Peter Thyer FAIH, RH

AIH Hero Awards

Every year the Australian Institute of Horticulture hold its Annual National Awards and  Dinner where a variety of awards are presented. There are 2 significant Hero awards.

Golden Wattle Award

The Award is presented to an horticulture professional whose practice in the opinion of the National Executive has advanced the objectives as set down by AIH and the profession of horticulture.

Acacia pycnantha – or the Golden Wattle - was commissioned by AIMS Pty Ltd who continues to be the sponsor since inception of the award.

Past recipients include:

  • 2010 – Don Burke, OAM, FAIH, RH
  • 2011 – the late Colin Campbell OAM, FAIH
  • 2012 – Judy Horton MAIH RH
  • 2013 – Wes Fleming of Fleming Nurseries
  • 2014 – Graham Ross
  • 2015 – Peter Cundall

All received this penultimate award for their unfaltering contributions to the profession.

The awardees hold a unique presence in the horticulture profession. Their hard work, innovative approach and dedication to horticulture have made their efforts successful in advancing the profession, increasing recognition of gardening to the public and enhancing horticultural events in various forums.

Nominations for an outstanding horticulturist for the Golden Wattle Award are called each March for consideration by the National Executive for awarding at the Annual Awards Night usually in November.

The Silver Gum Award

Fashioned after the flowers and buds of the Eucalyptus crenulata (Silver Gum), the award was commissioned by Horticultural Training in recognition of a Past President’s dedicated and committed representation on behalf of AIH.

  • 2012 – Kim Morris FAIH, RH – President 2008 – 2012
  • 2014 – Annette Irish FAIH, RH, CPH – President 2012-2014

In 2015 the award was redefined with a new criteria for outstanding industry commitment.

  • 2015 – Neville Passmore RH, MAIH