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Greetings to all AIH members and fellow colleagues – I’m pleased to bring you the Summer edition of the Victorian AIH newsletter.  Its been a busy few months for our members and colleagues  with garden tours, workshops and our annual conference and awards night in Cairns. Throughout this newsletter you learn about the exciting events held in Victoria and the international conference in Far North Queensland.

I’ll be organising a social catch up for next month after a well earned Christmas break and it would be great to see you there to review what has been a great year for the institute and hopefully a great year ahead for your businesses, so watch out for details.

The Victorian chapter have also been hard at work planning this years’ workshops and garden tours which can be found in the upcoming events section of this newsletter.

As always, I am representing both our Victorian members and the institute at a National level and am always available to provide assistance and advise where/when required, so please feel free to contact me.

 I hope you had a festive Christmas and the opportunity to take a break.  I hope to see you next month for our social catch up and, and I look forward to supporting you and your business anyway I can this year.


 Michael Casey

Victorian Regional Convener

AIH National Councilor

Garden Tour - Australian Succulent Garden

During August last year the Victorian AIH members organised a garden tour to visit Attila Kapitany’s succulent garden in Narre Warren. This was a fantastic day and well attended by both our Victorian members and several of our colleagues from AILDM.


As always Attila was extremely animated and very enthusiastic with his tour and there was not one area of the garden not explored or any question left unanswered. The timing of the tour which was organised 2 weeks before his appointed open day to the public allowed our members and guests to be treated to a colourful display of a very well thought out garden. Attila and his wife Michelle have dedicated a large amount of time to create one of the best succulent gardens I have ever visited and - I do put the challenge to any one that says these plants cannot create a spectacular garden - go and spend an hour or so walking around this property.


Attila’s passion is contagious and all who visited on the day left the garden with grand ideas of how they could incorporate these unique plants in their gardens or future designs.


On behalf of the AIH and AILDM, we throw out a big thank you to Attila and Michelle for a fantastic afternoon.

Article compiled by Michael Casey

AIH Victoria Workshop -
Plant ID and Selection

In mid September last year, the Victorian chapter of the AIH held its 4th workshop for the year titled ‘Plant Identification and Selection’. This event was held in and around the scenic grounds of Burnley Gardens, University of Melbourne.


The event was attended by Registered Horticulturists and was intended to serve as a refresher course for those that studied this subject at a tertiary level.  The 3 hour workshop was presented by Michele Adler who previously taught this course at Burnley College – some of the attendees had studied many years ago under Michele’s guidance. Michele provided a terrific overview of the topic with relevant and current examples of plant name changes, classifications, design criteria, etc. which provided us all with up to date knowledge relating to changes and improvements in the industry.


After a lengthy review of the subject, we were taken on a plant identification walk around the gardens followed by a well deserved cuppa and plant discussion on the the Burnley rooftop garden.


Thank you to Michele Adler from Adland Horticultural and University of Melbourne, Burnley campus.


Article compiled by Michael Casey

AIH Symposium -
Mechanics of Urban Greening

AIH hosted a 2-day symposium in Cairns on the 23rd and 24th November 2016 alongside the International Society for Horticultural Science and the Australian Society for Horticultural Science. The event covered all areas of tropical horticulture ranging from poverty and hunger through to urban horticulture in the temperate and tropical regions. Attended by delegates from 27 countries, this event was a fantastic networking opportunity and an event that had experts of their fields covering all areas of tropical horticulture.


The AIH 2 day event was attended by industry colleagues and several AIH members (all registered horticulturists) and it covered all areas of urban landscaping and gardening that was not only relevant to tropical and temperate conditions but relating to all areas around Australia. We were very fortunate to have some AIH members and industry colleagues speaking at this event.


Special thanks goes out to our colleagues outside of the institute for their informative discussions; Newton Tran for his discussion on water saving methods in the tree nursery industry, Michael Lovave discussing the improvements to the urban green space at the Lae Botanical Gardens in PNG, Dr Jana Soderlund who gave us a fantastic insight into Biophillic architecture and its relevance to urban spaces, Kim Courtenay for Broome who has been working with the local community in the growing of the Kakadu Plum, John Rayner from Melbourne University who discussed how research influences our designs in green roofs and Attila Kapitany who gave us a very lively and informative discussion on succulents and their potential uses in green roof and wall design.


As mentioned, these panelists were just a few of the talks we all attended over the 2-day symposium and I know I speak on behalf of everyone that attended that the presentations delivered by our AIH members and colleagues were exceptional and extremely valuable.  Our very own AIH members delivered quality presentations that were all well received by the visiting delegates.


Patrick Regnault RH for his discussion on eco systems and the urban landscape, Nick Rivett RH FAIH for his 2 presentations on conservation of urban trees and his informative discussion and recent experience on green roofs, Tim Edmonson RH who demonstrated techniques for water harvesting in urban environments, Kim Morris RH FAIH for his garden and landscape maintenance index, Mark Paul RH who shared his passion and expertise on green roofs and walls, Neville Passmore RH with his informative presentation on the work he is performing with the Green Urban Alliance in WA, Simon Leake who discussed soils in the urban environment, Andrew Price RH FAIH who looked at photosynthesis in a different light and Andrew Prowse RH with his summary of recent works around the design and construction of urban spaces such as war cemeteries.


A big thank you must be sent out to our National Secretary Kim Morris and National President Wayne Van Balen for their countless hours spent organising and delivering a superb and very informative 2 day symposium.

AIH Annual Awards Night - Cairns 2016

The recent AIH awards night held in Cairns on the 24th November concluded what was a busy and very insightful week at the Symposia on Tropical and Temperate Horticulture. The awards night was a gala event for delegates and guests which included a 3 course meal and light entertainment which was all a side show to the main attraction - the awards.


Awards were given out to both members and fellow colleagues outside the institute acknowledging people and businesses for their outstanding work and achievements to the horticultural industry.


A big call out goes to our fellow Victorian colleagues that took out awards on the night.


Jane Edmanson – Golden Wattle

Attila Kapitany – Award of Merit for his ongoing work and research with Australian native succulents

Steven Wells – Award of Merit for his inspiring garden at the Austin Hospital which assists the

rehabilitation of patients


Other awards recipients on the night included;

Silver Gum – Dr Rod Drew

Fellowship – Chris Poulton

Horticulturist of the Year – Simon Leake

Horticulture Student of the Year – Sandi Cleary

Secretary Literary Award – Georgina Reid – The Planthunter


Congratulations to all award winners and to everyone who received a nomination.


Article compiled by Michael Casey