AIH Awards 2014

Sydney hosted the national awards night (Friday 7th November) for professional horticulturists across Australia. The Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) attracted interstate and international professionals who are at the forefront of their industry in research, cultivation, horticultural media, design and management of plants in urban, rural and environmental situations. MC for the night was Don Burke.


  • Certificate of Appreciation – Peter Lees, Chris Poulton, Tom Lantry, Patrick Regnault, Jan Allen, Nicholas Rivett
  • Award of Merit – Jim Fogarty
  • Award of Excellence – Liz Smith, Arno King, Wayne Van Balen, Myles Baldwin
  • Community Award of Excellence – Mark Paul
  • AIH Secretary’s Award for Horticulture Literature – Catherine Stewart
  • Sir John Pagan Horticulture Award – BBM Youth Support – Caitlin Sawyer
  • AIH Student of the Year Award – Chantelle Leenstra & Christopher O’Connor
  • AIH Horticulturist of the Year – Professor Tim Entwisle
  • Life Member – Hazel King
  • Award of Merit – Better Homes & Gardens, Channel Seven
  • Silver Gum Award – Annette Irish
  • Golden Wattle Award – Graham Ross

Award group image

Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to members of AIH who have donated extensive time to represent AIH on industry advisory committees and/or who have enhanced the reputation and professional development of AIH members. Recipients are:

  • Peter Lees – Andrew Prowse VP Accepts on behalf of Peter Lees
  • Chris Poulton – for his work as Sydney Regional Convenor
  • Tom Lantry – for his work as Hunter and Central Coast Regional Convenor
  • Patrick Regnault – for his work as Northern and Mid Coast NSW Regional Convenor
  • Jan Allen & Nicholas Rivett – for AIH representation on Standards Australia – AS 2303 -Tree Stock for landscape use – Committee

Jim Fogarty accepting the 2014 AIH Award of Merit.

Award of Merit is presented to Jim Fogarty for his involvement as the project designer for the ‘Essence of Australia’ show garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014 that went on to be awarded a Gold Medal & the Tudor Rose Award for Best in Show Garden. 


Liz Smith accepting the 2014 AIH Award of Excellence, with Don Burke MC.

Award of Excellence was presented to Liz Smith for the IHC2014 Gardens Project at the International Horticultural Congresses held in Brisbane in 2014. 


Arno King accepting the 2014 AIH Award of Excellence, with AIH Vice President Andrew Prowse and Don Burke MC.

Award of Excellence was presented to Arno King for the IHC2014 Gardens Project at the International Horticultural Congresses held in Brisbane in 2014. 


Wayne Van Balen accepts the 2014 AIH Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence was presented to Wayne Van Balen for the role as Sydney regional CPD Convenor.


Myles Baldwin accepts the 2014 AIH Award of Excellence, with AIH Vice President (left) and Don Burke MC (centre).

Award of Excellence was presented to Myles Baldwin for his winning ‘Best in Show’ AGSS 2014 and Curator of the Australian Garden Show Sydney. 


Mark Paul accepts the 2014 AIH Community Award of Excellence

Community Award of Excellence was presented to Mark Paul for his recent achievements ranging from completion of a unique billboard greenwall, implementation of a community schools program through to tailor-made residential installations in homes nation-wide.


Catherine Stewart accepts the 2014 AIH Secretary’s Award for Horticulture Literature from AIH National President Annette Irish (left), with Don Burke (right).

AIH Secretary’s Award for Horticulture Literature was presented to Catherine Stewartfor GardenDrum blog. Since its launch it now reaches a monthly audience of over 42,000 unique visitors. (Source Google analytics, 1 September – 1 October 2014), spanning Australia, USA/Canada, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Germany, Malaysia and Singapore. 


Caitlin Sawyer accepts the BBM Youth Support Award from Symon Scott (left, representing BBM Youth Support) and Don Burke (right).

Sir John Pagan Horticulture Award – BBM Youth Support 2014 was presented to Caitlin Sawyer. Her award includes a horticultural travel scholarship of $8000. 

ChantelleLeenstra & ChristopherO’Connor

Christopher O’Connor & Chantelle Leenstra with their 2014 AIH Student of the Year Awards.

AIH Student of the Year Award was won by two people – Chantelle Leenstra & Christopher O’Connor. 


Professor Tim Entwisle accepts the AIH Horticulturist of the Year ‘silver spade’ from Daniel Holmes (left, representing Fitzpatrick and Co Insurance Brokers) and Don Burke (right).

AIH Horticulturist of the Year was presented to Professor Tim Entwisle in part due to his extensive journey through research, identification, authoring many refereed journals and work within the world of Botanic Gardens, RBG Sydney, Kew UK and now Royal Botanic Gardens, Vic. 


Hazel King accepting her Life Membership to AIH from National President Annette Irish.

Life Membership was awarded to Hazel King. There are few champions that voluntarily commit their time to professional associations. Hazel King was one of these champions. Hazel held senior positions with the Australian Institute of Horticulture, including NSW Council Secretary, Treasurer and Councillor.


Better Homes and Gardens & Channel Seven were presented with an Award of Merit. Graham Ross (left) with Kristy Gillespie (centre, representing Channel Seven) and AIH National President Annette Irish.

Award of Merit was presented to Better Homes and Gardens & Channel Seven for its dedication and passion for the presentation of horticultural home and garden concepts.


Annette Irish accepts the Silver Gum Award from the award sponsor Liz Smith (centre, from Horticultural Training P/L) and Don Burke, MC.

Silver Gum Award is a special award presented for services as President. This award was presented to Annette Irish.


Graham Ross accepts the Golden Wattle Award for 2014 from AIH National President Annette Irish and AIH National Treasurer Andrew Price.

Golden Wattle Award was present to Graham Ross. This is the highest award of industry recognition to be given to a horticulturist whose practice has advanced the profession of horticulture in Australia through sustained exemplary conduct as a professional horticulturist. 


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