The Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH)  and the National Parks Board (NParks) of Singapore first signed a major and significant Memorandum of Collaboration (MOC) on 28th July 2008. This was renewed on 20th November 2010 and again on the 10th July 2012. The Memorandum has recently been resigned for a further two years. The MOC came after many discussions between the two organisations and proposed to establish closer working ties and the sharing of information in the development of the profession of horticulture and business opportunities

The Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology (CUGE) Singapore is the National Parks Board Registered Training Authority that conducts training and professional development programs. AIH will work with CUGE and NParks in identifying ways to bring more focus and value to the profession at a time when climate and global warming have significant impact on life and the opportunity for horticulture to play a major role in the development of solutions.

The Australian Institute of Horticulture endorses the CUGE Certified Practising Horticulturist (CPH) Program. CPH (Singapore)  is a  horticulture review program for practising professionals. CPH (Singapore) has graduated over 100 professional practitioners since its inception 2008.