Council Members and Administration

National Executive

President             Wayne Van Balen M.A.I.H, RH

Vice President    Andrew Prowse M.A.I.H, RH

Secretary         Kim Morris F.A.I.H., RH

Treasurer          Andrew Price F.A.I.H., RH

National Officers

Immediate Past President – Annette Irish F.A.I.H, RH, CPH (Principal)

Public Officer – Paul Scholtens F.A.I.H., RH


Michael Casey  M.A.I.H RH  

Neville Passmore M.A.I.H RH  

Patrick Regnault M.A.I.H RH  

Regional Convenors

NSW Hunter: Tom Lantry F.A.I.H., RH

NSW Mid North Coast: Marc Percival M.A.I.H, RH

NSW North Coast: Patrick Regnault M.A.I.H., RH

NSW Southern Highlands: Dianne Ellis M.A.I.H., RH

NSW Sydney: Christopher Poulton M.A.I.H., RH

Queensland South East: Convener Representative being sought

South Australia: Matthew Pearson M.A.I.H., RH

Victoria: Michael Casey M.A.I.H., RH

Western Australia: Contact Neville Passmore M.A.I.H. RH

ACT: Michael Blasch M.A.I.H, RH

Singapore: John Tan M.A.I.H, RH

Services Providers

Finance and Membership Coordinator – ALL member subscriptions, payment and financial enquiries – Natasha Henderson

Registered Horticulturist Ambassadors

Judy Horton M.A.I.H., RH

Don Burke, F.A.I.H., OAM, RH