2017 AIH National Awards

2017 AIH National Awards
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AIH Golden Wattle Award 2017

The Australian Institute of Horticulture GOLDEN WATTLE AWARD is the premier AIH award.
It is the AIH ‘Hall of Fame’ acknowledgement of one individual who has excelled in the profession
in a range of activities and brought significant benefit to the profession of horticulture.
Since its inception in the AIH 2010 Golden Anniversary Year this handsome award has been presented to
horticulture luminaries such as: Don Burke OAM FAIH RH • Colin Campbell (Late) OAM FAIH • Judy Horton RH •
Wes Fleming • Graham Ross VMM, RH, MAIH • Peter Cundall AM • Jane Edmonson OAM

The AIH SILVER GUM is an award that occupies a senior position in the AIH National Awards structure. It is
considered one of Australia’s most significant horticultural awards.  The AIH Silver Gum is an award of recognition
for members of the Institute, who may or may not have held AIH office, or others from the wider horticulture
community who have brought exceptional focus and benefit by understanding the enormous value that horticulture
plays in our lives. Generosity of time, spirit and innovation are central to the nominee’s attributes.

Australian Horticulturist of the Year 2017

This is the most significant annual award given by the AIH to an outstanding horticulturist from the AIH member body
in Australia and overseas. These Awards are presented to the recipients for their outstanding contribution to the
horticulture industry, including horticulture education or horticulture media.
The nominee will have demonstrated exemplary conduct as a professional horticulturist through the outcomes of a
horticultural project during the past 2 years, in progress or completed between January 1st 2016 and July 31st 2017.

Australian Horticulture Student of the Year 2017

AIH is committed to supporting the entry and training of students into the profession of horticulture an the highest
award to be given to a horticulture student in Australia. By profiling the excellence of horticulture students it is hoped
to both inspire and challenge horticulturists in their studies and to promote their skills and achievements to the public.
All AIH Student Members, especially those who have taken up Free Membership, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Award of Excellence Year 2017

The Australian Institute of Horticulture, Award of Excellence, is awarded by the National Council in recognition of
innovative horticultural achievement exclusively for its members. This may be a horticultural project, activity, software
or other horticultural accomplishment that has the potential or demonstrated value to the horticultural industry.

Award of Merit 2017

The Australian Institute of Horticulture AWARD OF MERIT is awarded by the 
National Council in recognition of an innovative horticultural achievement to those who may not be members of the Institute.
This may be a specific horticultural project, activity, software or other horticultural accomplishment that has
potential or demonstrated value to horticulture industry.

AIH Green Space Award

AIH and its members are practitioners of horticulture across a wide range of disciplines, the majority of which are related in
most ways to the improvement of healthy living. Green space as a development, renovation, or its preservation can take many
forms especially as urbanisation becomes more acute. This is obvious in larger cities, but is also an ambition of regional, country and outback towns
and villages. The AIH Green Space Awards are divided into two categories: Urban Green Space Award and Rural Green Space Award.
The awards can be applied to any green project, anywhere in Australia that uses horticulture in its design,
purpose and use for the improvement or provision of open green space and human health and well-being.